Fane Tower proposal:

CHNA stood with 10 City Neighborhood Associations, East Side City Council Members Zurier (Ward 2), Yurden (Ward 1) and LaFortune (Ward 3), and countless residents from all corners of the city to appose the Fane Tower proposal during the public hearing on July 18.  

Link to CHNA letter read at hearing on Fane Tower Proposal

After the CPC and City Council's own Ordinance Committee voted NOT to recommend the changes, the full City Council will take up the matter. The next vote will take place with the entire Providence City Council.  We anticipate the Fane Organization's petition for changes to the zoning ordinance and zoning map to be on the agenda Thursday, September 6th.  

1. Pack the City Council Chamber on September 6th!   
Join us with other concerned citizens to show opposition to the tower and urge City Council to act. The meeting is at 7pm at the City Council Chamber (City Hall); we are still waiting for a confirmed agenda. We do not expect this to be a public hearing, meaning that the public cannot comment -- therefore #2 is imperative... While not be open for public comment, showing up with a sign to show your opposition is needed!
2. Contact your Councilperson!
Please WRITE, EMAIL or CALL your councilperson today to log opposition to these changes to the zoning ordinance to accommodate one developer, which would set a dangerous and misguided precedent for the future of Providence.

Please send words of support to our East Side Council Members who have stepped out in opposition to the proposal.  In addition, Council President David Salvatore, released a statement opposing the project earlier this month - Thank You!  


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Picking Up After Your Pooch

Please carry a bag when you are walking your dog!  In addition to being messy, dog waste poses serious hazards to human and canine health, and can contaminate groundwater with dangerous bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. Biodegradable plastic bags made specifically for pet waste are available, and may be ordered online if they’re not in stock (though they often are) at local grocery and pet supply stores.

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