911                      Emergency 
401-272-1111      Call for suspicious activity
401-421-2489      Department of Neighborhood Services in Mayor's Office 

Providence Police Department

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Many motor vehicle larcenies can be avoided if civilians refrain from leaving valuable items in their vehicles.  Please if it something you my want or need it most likely an item someone else might want or need.  

Home Safety Tips  Be sure to take steps to keep your home safe while you are away. Keep doors locked at all times, whether you are home or away. If you have an alarm, use it! If you need a tutorial, contact your security alarm company and have a serviceman take you through. Let your neighbors know you are away – have one of them pick up your papers, park in your lot, keep an eye out for packages or any uncommon occurrences. Use a timer to coordinate lights whether home or away. Can anyone look right into your home office or at your big screen tv? Top down blinds can be a good investment, but even the cheapest blinds to give some coverage can provide you with a deterrent for theft.

Graffiti  If you witness an act of graffiti vandalism or observe suspicious activity, immediately report it to the Providence Police at (401) 272-3121.

If your property has been tagged, please see our Graffiti Removal Guide for more information.

CHERYL SIMMONS provides an email list for residents to report crimes and receive alerts. If you wish to join her email group, please send her an email at