249 Thayer Street Development

CHNA, PPS and others opposed the height increase at last night’s Planning Commission meeting regarding the redevelopment master plan for 249 Thayer Street (Store 24 building). We are in favor of the redevelopment project in general but thought it should fit within the allowed height. The Commission approved the master plan but withheld approval of the height request until they see additional floor plans, improved design of the requested fifth floor, and a shadow study that includes the overhang. The Commission is in favor of interpreting the proposed bump out parklet as a public amenity that will give allowance for the additional height, per the zoning ordinance, but they are not yet convinced the building needs/merits the additional height. The developer is considering whether to improve the design per the commission’s request or revise the plan to work within the 50 feet allowed by right. CHNA and PPS are attempting to host the developer and architect at a Board meeting or architectural review meeting.


CHNA Board - Open Seats

As part the College Hill Neighborhood Association’s efforts to continually improve our services, we are opening up additional seats on the CHNA Board of Directors.  If you are passionate about the neighborhood, proactive and want to contribute to building the ties of our community, or interested in the development of the College Hill area (taxes, property upkeep and maintenance, crime awareness, solar energy) please consider applying today!  The following are the current positions we are seeking tofill:

Corresponding Secretary – The Voice of the organization. He/She will be responsible in managing internal and external publications; this includes creating documents such as e-newsletters, the East Side Monthly columns, letters to City Departments and Thank You Notes. He/She will work directly with the President and Executive Committee Members.

Events Chair – The Hands of the organization.  Event Chair will manage CHNA events from start to finish, including planning, execution and reflection; giving our organization the opportunity to show the public what CHNA is all about. He/She will work closely with the Marketing Committee and the Corresponding Secretary to effectively promote all events.

Marketing and Advertising Chair – The Face of the organization. Working in coordination with the Corresponding Secretary, He/She will be responsible for continuing to build the CHNA brand and designing promotional materials for CHNA social and community events. 

Crime Awareness Chair – One of the Eyes of the Organization. Responsible for developing and managing resources for the CHNA community crime awareness.

In addition, The College Hill Neighborhood Association is also looking for committee members, to assist and support the board members in the following areas:


    Marketing and Advertising

    Crime and Awareness

If you are interested in an open CHNA Board position or a Committee position, please send an email with your position of interest or even questions related to a position to nominating@collegehillna.com.

PROV CONNEX The City of Providence now offers 24-hour online assistance through ProvConnex. You will find links to information, forms, permits, applications, payments, and service requests organized by categories. If you have questions or concerns about everything from zoning to graffiti to buildings and inspections, you may call the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services at 401-421-7768

Ward 2 Weekly Updates Available

A reminder to sign up to receive informative weekly letters from Ward 2 Councilman Sam Zurier. Visit his website, www.samzurier.com, to subscribe.

Overnight Residential Permit Parking Details

For maps, details and additional information, please click here.

Picking Up After Your Pooch

Please carry a bag when you are walking your dog!  In addition to being messy, dog waste poses serious hazards to human and canine health, and can contaminate groundwater with dangerous bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. Biodegradable plastic bags made specifically for pet waste are available, and may be ordered online if they’re not in stock (though they often are) at local grocery and pet supply stores.

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